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How much is shipping?

FREE U.S. shipping! Also, enjoy complimentary global delivery on orders over $150. For other orders, shipping varies and is specified at checkout.

If you return or cancel your purchase, shipping costs are non-refundable.

For more details visit our Shipping page

Do you ship worldwide?

Absolutely! We ship to every nook and cranny on Earth. And we're currently working on expanding our services to outer space. Got a favorite planet? Let us know; we're aiming to go galactic! 

How fast is your courier service?

Delivery terms vary based on the specific model and size availability, as well as how far we're shipping to. We offer standard and express shipping options worldwide using DHL, EMS, and UPS. If your monosuit is in stock, expect it to arrive within one to two days. If the item you want isn't in stock, we'll sew it just for you like the star or celebrity you truly are. Your order will be on its way to you in 10-15 days after placing the order.


How can I determine my right size?

We get it; size concerns are real! Before placing an order, we recommend checking your measurements against our Sizing Guide to ensure you pick the right fit. And if you're still unsure after ordering through our online store, don't worry. Before we ship out to the address you provided, we'll reach out to assist you in making sure you've selected the perfect size.

What if my MONOSUIT doesn't fit?

We totally understand that getting the perfect fit can be tricky. Before hitting that "order" button, make sure you've compared your measurements with our Sizing Guide. Still unsure after making a purchase? Relax! We’ll get in touch before shipping out to double-check you've got the best size on the way.

However, if your monosuit still doesn't feel right once it arrives, you've got 14 days to send it back. Just ensure it hasn't been worn and that the original packaging and tags are intact. Once we get it, you can decide whether you'd like a refund or a different style/size. We’ve got your back!

Do you have plus-sized items?

Yes, some monosuit styles come in sizes up to 4XL. You also can order a custom product based on your individual measurements.

I have long legs. Do the MONOSUITS come in tall sizes?

The majority of our pieces are sewn to fit women who are 5’3 to 5’9. Here is a link to our size chart. If you need further help, just send us your measurements (waist, hips, chest, height), and we'll be more than happy to check if our size chart matches your measurements. We also have an option for custom-made orders on selected pieces.

We charge an extra 20%, which goes to our pattern maker and production team and is non-refundable.

We'll wait for your measurements and the MONOSUIT of your choice.


What is a pre-order and why should I consider it?

A pre-order is an opportunity to order items from our new collections in advance and at a discount. It’s also a sustainable and ecological way of producing – and buying – clothing! 

We follow ecological and ethical principles of design and production, so we try to produce exactly as many things as our customers need. Your willingness to pre-order means less waste on the planet. 

Unlike most luxury and mass-market brands, which annually burn tons of unsold collections, we are proud that in Monosuit’s entire seven years, we have not destroyed a single thing. All of our merchandise has been sold out!  We're glad to provide you with an environmental and ethical choice.  

When you pre-order, you get an exclusive item made especially for you with a unique design in a one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly way.  Some custom orders will cost 20% above the standard price, depending on the changes asked for.

Because of our commitment to the environment, pre-orders that deviate significantly from our standard patterns and sizes are non-returnable. We appreciate your understanding that many items tailored exclusively to your body cannot be sold to another person. 

How do I pre-order?

Order and pay for your items on the official site in the usual way. A manager will contact you to confirm the details of the order.

When will I get my pre-order?

When you receive your pre-order depends on the item’s production and delivery time.

Usually products are made in five 5 to 15 days depending on the item's complexity.

The speed of delivery depends on your location.

After you submit a pre-order, a manager will contact you for the details.

Can I return a pre-order?

You can easily return a standard pre-ordered item to us within 14 days by sending it to the relevant showroom location in New York or Europe. Once we receive it, we will issue a refund (shipping expenses are non-refundable). 

If your pre-ordered item deviates significantly from our standard patterns and sizes, the item cannot be returned. As said above, we appreciate your understanding that many items tailored exclusively to your body cannot be sold to another person.

RETURN POLICY: for online purchases, MONOSUIT will refund the purchase price of merchandise if returned according to the conditions below:

The item is in its original condition: merchandise that has been worn, used, altered or damaged will not be accepted;Is accompanied by the original invoice, all original MONOSUIT packaging, and outer shipping package;It is returned and received by MONOSUIT within 14 days from the date of delivery. Returns and exchanges are not available for any Made-to-Order items, which are final sale. MONOSUIT reserves the right to refuse the return of any merchandise that does not meet the above return requirements.

Shipping and delivery fees are non-refundable.

For more details visit our Return&Refund page

Any questions in this regard:

PRODUCT: key answers to what it is, why, for whom and how

What is special about MONOSUIT?

The highlights of any collection are our legendary monosuits and monoskins —jumpsuits with the patented hidden zippers on the lower back, which makes your life much easier: from restroom visits to spontaneous romance. 

No more wardrobe headaches! One Monosuit can replace several items and will make your life much easier: just put it on and enjoy life!

We offer a combination of eccentric style with comfort and convenience and guarantee lots of compliments and attention. We're sure you won't wear any other jumpsuits again.

And you can feel good about wearing our brand, because we’re good to the environment.  We are committed to sustainability: We’re recycling waste to create some of our clothing and are looking to be zero-waste by 2030. 

What does my MONOSUIT say about me?

Our jumpsuits show off your bright, confident personality and let you express who you really are.  You’ll be noticed for sure and get lots of compliments. With Monosuits’ comfort, convenience and style, you won't wear any other jumpsuits again.

No more mixing-and-matching headaches! One Monosuit can replace several items and make your daily wardrobe decisions much easier: Just put it on and enjoy life!

How do I use the restroom in a MONOSUIT?

This is the most frequent question from our customers!

 The highlight of our legendary monosuits and monoskins are the patented hidden zippers on the lower back, which make your life much easier: from restroom visits to spontaneous romance.  

The high-quality Italian zippers are produced with strict quality control before becoming part of your monosuit. One thing we know for sure: your zipper won’t break anytime soon.

Who are MONOSUIT customers?

Creative people, bold people, outgoing people who like to emphasize their personal identity and charisma. 

We have a lot of famous actors and musicians as our clients: Madonna, Maye Musk, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and other American celebrities. Celebrities wearing Monosuit →

Our monosuits perfectly fit any body type and age. Wear it anywhere and anyhow – whatever works.


For the first time in the world, we have created a jumpsuit without a single hand stitch, made from recycled materials. Once used, it can be endlessly turned into powder, then into yarns, and then into a new design.

Learn more →

What is ECOMONOSKIN made of?

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we knit our Ecomonoskin from recycled ocean waste. It’s thermal, breathable, and antibacterial. It also features a four-way stretch that lets you unleash your inner acrobat. On top of all this, it’s wonderfully soft and approved for sensitive skin. The most important thing for us is satisfying you with the highest standards, so you’ll come back again and again. 

Why is ECOMONOSKIN your best pocket-size travel partner?
  1. One Ecomonoskin can be the basis of more than 10 outfits,  and it folds up so tiny that you can fit it in your pocket and travel with just a carry-on.  
  2. If the weather turns chilly, the Ecomonoskin can be a toasty thermal base layer.  
  3. It’s so versatile: Drop it in your carry-on and you’ll be ready for stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, jogging, yoga and many other outdoor activities. 
How is MONOSUIT practicing sustainability?

Since 2019, we have been pioneers in the field of seamless clothing, utilizing the principles of circular knitting design in collaboration with the ECONYL® brand. Our eco-friendly garments are made with ECONYL® regenerated yarn from pre- and post-consumer nylon waste gathered from both land and ocean. We are continually focused on a step-by-step transition towards our complete circular-production approach, with the goal of fully implementing this zero-waste method by 2030.

Do you use natural fur and leather?

Cruelty-free! No products of animal origin, ever.

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