Flow in Harmony: Yoga Jumpsuits for Every Pose


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Flow in Harmony: Yoga Jumpsuits for Every Pose

Elevate Your Practice

High-Tech Meets High-Fashion



just 0.6 lbs


Feather soft
and breathable


🇮🇹 Made in Italy

Our Customers Share Their Stories:

Emily Johnson

Wow, this yoga jumpsuit has made a huge difference in my practice! The fit is incredibly flattering and it moves with my body like a second skin.  And it's so comfortable that I can focus better than ever in my practice.

Rachel Williams

I'm in love with this jumpsuit! It's so lightweight and breathable, which is perfect for my hot yoga classes. Plus, knowing this jumpsuit makes the ocean a little bit cleaner makes me feel good about buying it. Highly recommend to any yoga enthusiast!

Michelle Rodriguez

Absolutely adore this jumpsuit! It's not only great for yoga but also stylish enough for a coffee run after class. The Italian craftsmanship really shows in the quality. It's worth every penny.

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Grace and Flexibility:
The Ideal Yoga Wear

Step onto your mat with our ultra-light 0.6 lbs (270-gram) black sleeveless yoga bodysuit "Americana", designed to enhance your yoga practice.

Its sleek form provides effortless comfort and style, whether you're in a deep stretch or a relaxing pose. Enjoy the freedom of movement and the breathability that comes with our seamless design, created to move with you through every asana and meditation.

From the yoga studio
to a party

Transition with ease from the tranquility of the yoga mat to the vibrancy of a party in our specialized bodysuit line.

Tailored to adapt to both your wellness routines and social engagements, each seamless bodysuit in our collection is a testament to style, comfort, and adaptability. Perfect for fluid yoga sessions or an evening out, these bodysuits ensure you stand out in every scenario. Experience the convenience of a wardrobe that's as flexible and dynamic as your lifestyle, effortlessly matching your every move and mood.

Find Your Zen:
Features Tailored for Yogis

Mindful Manufacturing

Our commitment to sustainability aligns with your mindful lifestyle

Seamless Comfort

Our seamless design offers comfort and flexibility through every asana

Durable and Dependable

Our premium-quality material will support you through countless yoga practices

Style Meets Function

Our jumpsuits blend elegant design with practicality, ensuring you look and feel great, on and off the mat

Suitable for any figure, embracing inclusivity

How is EcoMonoskin created and produced?

Sustainability commitment
How is EcoMonoskin created and produced?

Effortless Practice, Uninterrupted Flow

Get back to your practice fast with our hidden, restroom-friendly zippers