Since 2019, we have been pioneers in the field of seamless clothing, utilizing the principles of circular knitting design in collaboration with ECONYL®. Our eco-friendly garments are made from plastic waste collected in the ocean. We are continually focused on a step-by-step transition towards our complete circular production approach, with the goal of fully implementing this zero-waste method by 2030.

How else do we commit to a safer environment and sustainable production?

Never overstocked! We produce a limited amount of pieces for guaranteed sold-outs. No waste! 

We use a special software for high-precision layouts to minimize the fallout in the cut. Fabric remains are given away to other designers or sent to textile factories for recycling.

Cruelty-free! No products of animal origin, never.

Seasonless, trendless and long-term! Our garments serve for many years, suitable for any season due to adjustable warmer details, and design does not get outdated.

Mia MurrFounder and Chief Designer of MONOSUIT

I am especially excited about our newest breakthrough technology which allows to make clothing from recycled garbage. We process it into powder, then into threads and eventually — in a new design. It significantly eliminates an environmental footprint as the whole production cycle is endless and almost zero-waste. This eco-friendly discovery is very timely, and may change the fashion industry forever.