Travel Light, Travel Right: Your Perfect Companion for Every Journey


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Travel Light, Travel Right: Your Perfect Companion for Every Journey

Compact Elegance.
Unmatched Comfort

High-Tech Meets High-Fashion


to match
every move

Ultra-light 0.6 lb
(270 grams)


From 5°F to 68°F

Knitted from
recycled nylon 

🇮🇹 Made in Italy

Worn by:


In The Air or On The Road: Great Style CAN Be Easy and Comfortable

Set off in style with our ultra-light 0.6 lb (270 grams) Monoskin, the quintessential travel partner for any journey — from a flight to the mountains to a road trip to Burning Man.

Monoskin's sleek, compact form slips smoothly into your luggage, complementing any travel ensemble with ease.

Embark with Confidence:
Our Commitment to Your Travel Needs

Hassle-Free Comfort: Quick Restroom Access

Travel with ease thanks to our innovative zippers, designed for quick and effortless restroom breaks.

Sleek Italian Design, Green at Heart

These Italian-made jumpsuits blend sophistication with environmental sustainability. Perfect for the eco-conscious traveler

Easy to wash
Quick to dry

Don't want to go to the laundromat? A quick swish in the hotel sink at night and your Eco Monoskin will be dry and ready to wear in the morning.  Plus its antibacterial properties keep you fresh on the go!

Customer-Approved Comfort

Loved by travelers worldwide, our jumpsuit are acclaimed for their unmatched comfort and practicality

Flatter Your Figure: Comfort for Every Curve

Shape-Enhancing Design: Monoskins, available in XS to XL, are tailored to enhance all body types, ensuring comfort without compression.

Stretchable fabric ensures comfort on the go

Restroom-friendly zippers on your hips

No wrestling to remove your outfit in a tiny airplane bathroom. A quick zip and you’ll be in and out of the restroom in no time.