Size guide
Size unified Size MONOSUIT EUR RUS USA bust (cm) waist (cm) hips (cm) height (cm)
S XS-S 36-38 42-44 8-10 82-90 62-70 90-98 160-165
M S-M 38-40 44-46 10-12 86-94 66-74 94-102 165-175
L M-L 40-42 46-48 12-14 90-98 70-78 98-104
XL L-XL 42-44 48-52 14-16 94-106 74-86 102-114
Таблица размеров
Единичный размер Размер MONOSUIT EUR RUS USA Обхват груди (см) Обхват талии (см) Обхват бедер (см) Рост (см)
S XS-S 36-38 42-44 8-10 82-90 62-70 90-98 160-165
M S-M 38-40 44-46 10-12 86-94 66-74 94-102 165-175
L M-L 40-42 46-48 12-14 90-98 70-78 98-104
XL L-XL 42-44 48-52 14-16 94-106 74-86 102-114
Size guide
EU UK US AU length (cm)
37 4 7 4 24 cm
38 5 8 5 24,5 cm
39 6 9 6 25 cm
40 7 10 7 26 cm
41 8 11 8 26,7 cm
42 9 12 9 27,3 cm
43 10 13 10 28,2 cm

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Choose several models & sizes
Feel free to order several models at once. You pay only for those you like. Courier will take others back
Order by Internet
If you order by our online-shop a delivery is made to an address you left. Again we'll surely connect you to discuss details
Delivery by showroom
If you live in Moscow or New York, you're welcome to find and try on your monosuit in our showroom in a city center.
Again you can get there an order you made in online-shop.
Price of courier delivery
Delivery in Moscow is free in case of purchase.
If you refuse a purchase or make an order to another city or country, courier company postage will be added to a final price.
Speed of courier delivery
Delivery terms depend on a chosen model+size availability and a distance to you.
So monosuit will come to you in 1-2 days if it is in place or in 10-15 days to order.
Worldwide delivery
We deliver worldwide. Depending on a delivery address, a courier company fee will be added to the price of chosen models.
Delivery price is defined by a courier service depending on delivery address.
Shipping over the USA is FREE
Which payment methods do you accept?
MONOSUIT accepts the following forms of payment for online purchases:

  • Shopify Pay (our online store is powered by Shopify)
  • PayPal (incl. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB)
Are prices at our site are up-2-date?
Monosuit prices at our site are always up-2-date and you can be absolutely sure they won't be changed after you made an order.
Paying by internet
If you buy a model in place through internet pls. pay by a card or PayPal account. Again you can wait for courier and pay cash on delivery
Paying "to order"
For models to order or if you choose a model that was withdrawn, we kindly ask to pay 50% in advance and to pay the rest on delivery. You can do it by card.
Paying in a showroom
If you liked any Monosuit model in our showroom, of course you can purchase and pay cash or by card.
As well you can place on order for a model if there was no your size in place.
Where else to buy
Again you can meet monosuits at our partners shops and they can appoint their own prices.
If you're not sure of a "dealer" pls.write to us and we check it.
Price for individuality
If you chose a model but you need any individual adjustments to directly match your personal taste.
It will cost you from 30% more to an original price.

RETURN POLICY: for online purchases, MONOSUIT will refund the purchase price of merchandise if returned according to the below conditions:
The item is in its original condition: merchandise that has been worn, used, altered or damaged will not be accepted;
Is accompanied by the original invoice, all original MONOSUIT packaging, and outer shipping package;
It is returned and received by MONOSUIT within 14 days from the date of delivery.
Returns and exchanges are not available for and items and Made to Order, which are final sale.
MONOSUIT reserves the right to refuse return of any merchandise that does not meet the above return requirements.

Any questions in this regard:

PRODUCT: key answers to what is it, why, for whom and how
What's our schtick?
We have a few new and interesting features.

  • For those bold of you, we have designed secret rear zippers, that make using restrooms and be adventurous in love so much easier. We are very sure that you will not be wearing other jumpsuits once you try our monosuits.
  • A single monosuit can be transformed into several jumpsuits and dresses, and some of them you can even wear upside down! This allows you to choose a unique style, while saving space in your closet and suitcase.
  • We are offering you a unique combination of eccentric style with comfort and convenience. We can guarantee you lots of compliments and attention.
  • You will no longer have to try and match tops and bottoms of your outfit, as it usually happens with a number of jackets and sweaters, shirts and blouses, pants and skirts. Just dive into your monosuit and go ahead enjoying your day!
Where to see monosuits alive?
All popular models are available in our showrooms in New York USA or in Moscow Russia.
You are welcome to have a look, try on and buy monosuits right there.

Some models are quite popular and sometimes your size might not be available.
In this case we'll take your order and let you know when your Monosuit is ready.

If you placed an order online, we're ready to send a courier to you with your models of choice. You can try on several models and buy whatever you like. In this case you pay upon delivery.
What can I wear with monosuit?
Monosuits go well together with any type of footwear. You can wear them with high heels, tennis shoes, sneakers or platform shoes.
Based on your style preference you can wear your monosuit with your favorite dress shirt (I can't miss a chance to show it off with my cufflinks), polos or turtlenecks, as well as skinny jeans, jeggings or leggings.
What is the type and composition of the fabrics?
We are very selective about our materials; we only use high quality European knitted fabrics to guarantee the quality and durability of the final product.

Various moinosuits can be made with various fabrics, including stretch cotton jersey, viscose, faux eco-suede and velvet with stretching components to create a perfect slim fit. Sometimes we also use high-tech neoprene materials.

How can I figure out my size?
Our base models are of standard S, M and L sizes. All of the monosuits are stretchable and are slightly oversized to allow for freedom of movement and comfort.

If you would like to make sure you order a correct size, please measure your chest, waist and hips and refer to the size chart of the desired monosuit model. You can also send your measurements to us,so we can recommend you a specific model and size.

To get a monosuit of the right size, we recommend you to send us your body measurements: height, chest, waist and hips in centimeters
Who wear monosuits and where?
Creative people, bold people, outgoing people who like to emphasize their personal identity and charisma.

We have a lot famous Russian actors and musicians as our clients: Varvara Vizbor, Natalia O'Shea aka Hellawes, Evelina Bledans, Ekaterina Plotko (ex-Miss. Universe), Maria Berseniva, Ingeborga Dapkunaite and many others. Our monosuits fit perfectly any body type and age :-)

Where to wear:
  • Wear it with shirts and high heels in the office.
  • Wear it with sneakers and turtle necks when taking a walk with kids in the park, going to yoga class or rollerblading.
  • Wear it with stilettos and long necklaces for a party.

How do you calculate the price for a monosuit?
We create unique designs for every new type of monosuitfrom scratch. We sketch our innovative models and then we make six or seven test sawingpatterns for each one to check the new items for durability, usability, comfort and beauty. Before we start the production every little detail is tested, as we strive to make all our customers happy.

  • We select high quality European knitted fabrics for all our design pieces to make you feel comfortable wearing your favorite monosuit again and again.
  • We order all our zippers to be specially manufactured for our monosuits, taking into consideration the colors, sizes and types to guarantee the cosmic quality of the product.
  • We are make limited capsule collections of monosuits, usually no more than 3-5 items for each color and design pattern at any given time. That's why you are very unlikely to see anybody else wearing the same monosuit at a party or just on the street. We make exclusive designer articles of clothing for creative people, bold people, outgoing people who like to emphasize their personal identity. We create these for you.

What if monosuit doesn't fit?
If the monosuit you ordered doesn't fit, you have 14 days to return it (provided that it wasn't worn and the original package and tags are in place). As soon as we receive it, we will immediately send you back either your money or another style/size of your choice.

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