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It was the most personal collection I’ve ever created. I had to put myself together from being completely puzzled back to a well-rounded, whole human being. Piece by piece.

To convert my feelings into art, I decided to go through the same process but with clothes: I took the fabric leftovers from previous productions and reassembled them into these new items. Following brand’s sustainability vector, it also helps to be really grateful for what we have in life, appreciate the ability to create, and spread some good vibes.

Another central idea is cutouts as I still remain wounded by the current situation. How soon will it heal? How deep will the scars be? I’ll try to learn from nature that never stops creating, recovering and balancing.

MONOSUIT permanent collection

Comfort design clothes from Russian designer Maria Agapkina, jumpsuit monosuit.
MONOSUIT is a New York based independent fashion brand known for its comfortable avant-garde street wear since 2013. With a dream to one-day travel to other planets as easy as to other countries, MONOSUIT creates functional and versatile suits that can be adjusted to different seasons or weather conditions. MONOSUIT expands the notion of an easy-to-wear jumpsuit into an ingenious outfit piece. Twice a year MONOSUIT presents its new collections at New York and Paris fashion weeks.

Comfortable and practical jumpsuit with a long zipper can be ordered at our site. We have many unusual garments in our assortment. Such as pants jumpsuit, women classic overall and many others. You can find women jumpsuits at our site. Diversity of models and colors will fit your choice. Light and stylish women jumpsuits will make you a real beauty. Jumpsuit is optimal for work, for a walk, leisure and even for sport! You can visit all occasions in monosuit and you'll always be under spotlight.
As well you find big size jumpsuits, to look at monosuit pictures and make your choice. We use only high quality fabrics. Monosuit garments - is our future. Agree that stylish, fashion and comfortable clothes is highly regarded always and everywhere. Especially those that we wear to our work or for a walk. Choose and get our production to look unique and outstanding.